PCB Assembly


As a professional electronics manufacturer our approach is to achieve a high quality product. Our fully automated SMT line positions up to 100.000 components per hour (in the mix) including automated optical inspection. Our Flying Probe Tester can perform automated programming and conduct both functional and in circuit testing to validate the quality of the assembled PCB’s.

We offer competitive prices for boards that have a large percentage of SMT components and need to be produced in high volume quantities. The equipment is operated by highly qualified personnel with years of experience in assembling PCB's.

Our strength is high volume PCB assembly with low THT component count. These type of products can be assembled and tested fully automatically. This minimizes the number of operators and strongly reduces the assembly cost. We invite you to challenge us and we would be happy to make a calculation for your product.

Our standard high speed SMT assembly process has the following characteristics:

Screenprinting - DEK -
Horizon 01i

Solderpaste + glue
Automatic Under-Screen cleaning

Pick & Place - FUJI -
NXT (7X M6S module)

(JEDEC standard)

High-speed placement:
100.000 cph

Reflow soldering - Soltec -

Heating: Forced convection 8
zone's, top and bottom

Cooling: Forced convection 2
zone's, temp. controlled

Wave solder:
Vitronics Soltec Delta 5

Flux zone, 3 heat zones, solder zone
Silver and lead free solder

Flying Probe tester:
Seica Pilot V8

Vectorless and in-circuit tests
Programming and functional tests

High-mixed products
8-flying probe tester unit
(4 on each side)

Quick-test for functional
test sequence implementation

2D barcode reading capability and
automated collection of statisctical data

Board dimensions

Min. 50mm(L) X 50mm(W)
Max. 470mm(L) X 395mm(W)

Assembly area

Max. 470mm(L) X 385mm(W)

Component size

0201 (0603 metric) :
0.6 x 0.3mm ~ 74 x 74mm
Hight: Max. 25.4mm

Technical Paper

List of services

  • Purchase components for your board
  • Maintain minimum stock of components
  • Single / repetitive production batches
  • Maintain production version information
  • Automated barcode placing
  • Perform visual inspection
  • Perform (automated) testing and programming of boards
  • Perform burn-in tests
  • Mounting boards into final enclosure
  • Packaging
  • Periodic evaluation of quality
  • Advice on board assembly improvements
  • Repair of products (field returns)