Phuntronix is a lead player in the electronics market as a developer and as a PCB assembly manufacturer. Phuntronix concentrates on the rapidly changing technology and focuses on the needs of customers. We show to be the right choice for our customers by being innovative and flexible in this electronics industry.

Phuntronix Director, Minno de Roo

Minno de Roo - Director

Who we are

Our vision is to be a trusted partner and to work in close collaboration with our customers and our R&D team to efficiently and cost effectively mass produce electronic boards.

Our mission is to develop customized layouts, to be a cohesive team with our customers, and to manufacture exceptional quality products with passion.

One of our strategies is to have a comprehensive foundation in electronics for our customers and employees to share ideas and exchange knowledge.


In our organization, people with different backgrounds and skills work together to elaborate our strategy. The satisfaction of our customers is a top pritority.

Our Marketing and Sales department is responsible for the creation and support of our relations and the cooperation with partners.

Our Research & Development department is responsible for schematic and layout design, development of enclosures (3D CAD), software development and the certification of developed products. The team stays up-to-date with recent technologies and is always looking for innovative solutions in the electonics industry.

Our Production department is responsible for production planning, component purchase and manufacturing products.


Ensuring exceptional quality is an unique practice. By tracking the key-performance-indicators, evaluating the results and acting accordingly, we meet our customers’ needs and expectations. We stimulate our team to evaluate our actions and improve these wherever possible.
Phuntronix provide internal training to keep the team engaged with its products and new technologies. All our policies and regulations are recorded in our Quality Management System. In our organization, we follow international standards as IPC-610, RoHS, WEEE, and CE.