Phuntronix B.V.

Phuntronix B.V. in Soesterberg, The Netherlands, is a professional electronics company.

The top activities of our company include:

- Research and Development
- PCB assembly

Quality and Flexibility are major aspects in our daily work.
We seek for the best solution for our mutual busineses together with our customers.

Our services


Our Research and Development department focuses on integration of functionalilty using only state of art technology.

Phuntronix is in most cases responsibile for the complete development (hard-, software, enclosures, etc). One of our strength is RF technology.

PCB Assembly

Phuntronix has the fastest high volume printed circuit board (PCB) assembly lines in the region.

The surface-mount technology (SMT) equipment are positioned on the FUJI NXT (7x M6S module) line that places the components with high-precision on the PCB through a pick-and-place program. In practically, no user intervention required from start, board loading, until the end, board unloading. The fully automated assembly process results in sustained production quality and cost effective.

The through-hole technology (THT) department is partially computer controlled resulting in a constant flow of products with equal quality. The Flying Probe allows Phuntronix to Programme and conduct functional tests with 8 probes.

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